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The Privileges of Membership

For many years, large corporations had the advantage over individuals, the self-employed and small businesses. For example, if you worked for a large corporation, you could have access to a corporate benefits package of healthcare, financial, legal, and travel benefits. However, if you didn't work for a large corporation, you were left on your own to provide these benefits for yourself.

Not Available to the general public

USA+ is a "members-only" association that provides access to special privileges, consumer savings, and benefits from an impressive list of top-tier companies. By becoming a member of our exclusive membership organization, you will enjoy these privileges that are not available to the general public. USA+ has saved thousands of members more than $100 million* in combined savings. Through the power of its national membership, USA+ is able to bring a comprehensive line of benefits to its members by leveraging high-volume buying power. The Association identifies the needs of its members and finds the nation's top providers of products and services to satisfy those needs, negotiating favorable pricing for its members.

United Service Association For Health Care